TEAM | Empowering Teams. Inspiring Performance

At Outdoors Africa we not only understand the value of creating a motivated and high performing team, but we have experience in doing so and can employ up-to-date psychological tools, workshops and events to enable your people to feel empowered and engaged to be and do the very best. These team building sessions can be stand-alone training, facilitated team activities, or full teambuilding development programs indoors or outdoors.

Our TEAM programs takes a pragmatic approach and focused on the actions and understanding we feel is important to help teams appreciate the benefits of a teamwork approach.

Our intervention is designed to be both diagnostic and prescriptive while stimulating creativity and team work for improved performance. The blue print for the content is informed by all the three types of learning; i.e. Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective Learning. The program we design is highly experiential in nature.

For experiential learning to be truly effective, we employ the whole learning wheel, from goal setting, to experimenting and observing, to reviewing, and finally action planning. This complete process allows one to learn new skills, new attitudes or even entirely new ways of thinking.



What Our Clients Say

Given the fact that managers are the drivers of the company agenda in their teams and locations, successful implementation of strategy will occur when these ‘agents of change’ become ‘switched on’ and stay focused in their role. Managers must manage and lead at the same time.
Following past successful team building facilitations and strategy training sessions for PATH, Outdoors Africa was again commissioned in an effort to support the start up phase of the HFG/K project.