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Strategic planning is the most important key for solving strategic tasks; it is the process of developing, controlling and maintaining a strategic balance between organizational goals and resources in the market environment.

We guide organizations through a disciplined process from high level strategy to detailed action plans with relevant performance indicators at each step. We also help our clients to “decode” their strategies, clarify their business and operating models, structures, governance and management systems, processes, jobs, culture and people capabilities.

Outdoors Africa puts the benefits of strategic planning within the reach of all businesses. Organizations can implement a plan that addresses its needs as a whole, a single department, or a particular aspect of its operations.

Businesses must focus on a continuous improvement process rather than a series of quick fix, short term and a fire fighting type mentality. Success depends on keeping your organization heading in the right direction. We can help you develop strategic direction, deploy goals, action plans, objectives and adapt to changing market trends.

We employ the Balanced Scorecard approach to deliver the following results for your organization:

1. Translating the strategy to operational terms through:

  • Strategy maps
  • Balanced score cards

2. Aligning the organization to the strategy by defining:

  • Corporate Role.
  • Business Unit Synergies.
  • Shared Service Synergies.

3. Making strategy everyone’s everyday job by:

  • Creating Strategic awareness
  • Developing Personal Scorecards
  • Introducing Balanced Pay checks

4. Making strategy a continual process by:

  • Linking budgets and strategies
  • Introducing analytic and information systems
  • Strategic learning

5. Mobilizing change through executive leadership through:

  • Mobilization
  • Governance process
  • Strategic management system


What Our Clients Say

Given the fact that managers are the drivers of the company agenda in their teams and locations, successful implementation of strategy will occur when these ‘agents of change’ become ‘switched on’ and stay focused in their role. Managers must manage and lead at the same time.
Following past successful team building facilitations and strategy training sessions for PATH, Outdoors Africa was again commissioned in an effort to support the start up phase of the HFG/K project.