LEADING TEAMS: Setting the stage for great performance

These off-site outdoor activities highlight the value of leveraging the diverse strengths and resources within your Senior Management Team. This is the team that either acts mainly in an advisory capacity or provides the broad, long-term future of the organization. Strategic decisions and plans are thus the team’s mainstay to guide both Administrative and Operational decisions.

A fun and complex challenge, it requires teams to respond to change and ambiguity, while effectively planning and implementing strategy. Our activities are artfully designed to address current and relative challenges your organization is facing. Seasoned facilitators lead and guide debriefs to ensure learning, applications and links to the workplace.

Our Deliverables:

1. Planning and implementing strategy
2. Leveraging team members’ strengths
3. The power of collaboration and effective teamwork
4. Develop emergent leadership
5. Align strategy and vision
6. Develop effective communication
7. Learn to challenge assumptions