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Outdoors Africa combines consultancy and professional training expertise to deliver tangible improvements for personal and organizational performance and transformation. The team at Outdoors Africa draws on a wealth of experience, from bespoke consultancy through to experiential training, coaching, management and leadership programs to create the right solutions for you.

Apply tipping point mentality to grow your business

As a teenager, I listened to rap music. Teens everywhere were listening to rap music anyway, which by then had become a mainstream musical genre.

Of course my parents were very concerned about what I was listening to. I suspect they wondered whether the music was promoting a positive message—but that’s a story for another […]

The folly of not reading the fine print in business

Once upon a time, according to ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of dawn fell in love with a Trojan prince called Tithonus. She was so besotted with him that she went to Zeus, the king of the gods, to ask that Tithonus be made immortal.

Zeus agreed, but Dawn had been foolish — she had […]

Illicit brews teach a lot about price and value

It was as shocking as it was sad. More than 70 people died after drinking home-made alcohol believed to have been laced with industrial chemicals.

Dozens of others in four counties are said to have been blinded after drinking the illicit brew. Officials say it may have contained methanol — a toxic substance used to […]

Branding essentials from a simple skirt

 The world’s best commercial was only aired for a major audience once.

Thirty years later, the video recording on YouTube has more than 10 million views and counting. It’s the clip Apple used to introduce their brand to the world, which ended with the stark declaration: “And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.”

This […]

Lessons from Man-U on succession planning



For the record, I only support two teams — Gor Mahia and Harambee Stars. However, having an accountant who is an ardent Manchester United fan means that I have to put up with the entire goings-on of the English Premier League.

I guess we wouldn’t normally take lessons in leadership and particularly succession planning from […]

Vital business lessons from marathon running

I was among those who were cheering Margaret Kenyatta during the London Marathon. Now, for the record, less than one per cent of people in Kenya have attempted to run 42km. Yet there are many proven plans that result in the success of completing a marathon.

Sixteen weeks of hard work, and a whole lot […]