Outdoors Africa - Inspiring Change Experientially

Outdoors Africa is a Management & Training Consulting firm with a proven record and established reputation that specializes in performance management and provision of experiential leadership and team development programs with more than 9 years’ experience.

Strongly founded on a change agenda, we integrate value and sustainable organizational transformation through direct, relevant, concrete experiences that we use in our programs to serve as metaphors for the unique challenges of every workplace.

Our turnkey solutions have seen us rework our delivery to a culture change approach that is wholesomely geared towards aligning strategy, processes and people.

Energize, Engage and Empower

With a proven record and established reputation, Outdoors Africa offers a wealth of skills and business expertise. Our founding partners have a background in learning and development sharing over 20 years’ experience, and have worked on business transformation, leadership and performance management projects in Kenya and countries abroad.

At Outdoors Africa, we balance a blend of consultancy, creative interactive techniques and facilitated input to deliver organizational results in an empowering, focused, fun and memorable way.

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